All physiotherapists at Reuma-Sol vacation and treatment center speak Scandinavian and specialize in muscle and skeletal diseases (musculoskeletal). They offer all forms of therapy, but emphasize active treatment where they work to make the patient's everyday life easier. The physiotherapists offer many different treatments. They can also put together a custom training program for those who include varied exercise and treatment.


The center has a nurse available every weekday. At our nursing office, they help to measure blood pressure, general care, analyzes and to call a doctor or hospital. In case of acute illness, please contact the reception for further assistance.


Here at Reuma-sol we offer different exercise equipment in the gym, these are our guests most welcome to make use of. We also offer group training in the gym (Pilates, aerobics, cardio pump, power yoga, zumba, etc.)

Swimming pool

At Reuma-Sol we have three pools. One of these is always warmed to stay 34 degrees and one is a saltwater pool. Both individual and group-based training is available to our guests, regardless of age and physical starting point. You can use the training program from the health department adapted to your needs. We offer a heated indoor pool, a sauna and a jacuzzi.

Free use of the pool is only allowed when no individual or group treatments are in the pool.


Reuma-Sol has its own skin care salon where treatments such as massage, skin care, manicure, hair removal etc. are offered. We offer a variety of treatments to nurture yourself a little extra in everyday life. Please contact the reception for an hour order.


Reuma-Sol has its own hair salon where you can cut, style and care for a very affordable price. It is recommended to book an hour at the reception well in advance of the desired time, in case the salon is in high demand.


We have a small store that offers a range of Spanish and Norwegian goods.


We organize several weekly guided tours to nearby towns, beaches, markets, parks etc. Our guests are warmly welcomed on these trips, and also make recommendations and suggestions for new excursions. Our activity manager and receptionists can also recommend excursions for those who want to experience the Costa Blanca on their own.


Our restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a very exciting and varied buffet. The Mediterranean-inspired diet is healthy and nutritious and is recommended for those with muscle and skeletal diseases.